Kimchi Genius (a K-Toon)

I like to imagine K-Dramas. I don’t have the money, or the contacts to really get into producing dramas on TV, but here on my blog I have ultimate authority. I decide who I want for my drama. Even if they’re not available in real life–they must star in my toon if I wish. I decide the story–I can make the second lead get the girl. I can give EVERYONE in the cast amnesia–or not. I have total control. (And I like that.)

Today’s K-toon is a “remix” of one I did over two years ago. I’ve noticed in many K-Dramas the hero is a genius at something. Chun Jung-myung just finished a K-Drama where he was a noodle “god.” So I decided to make my female lead a genius in making kimchi.

This was fun to imagine. If you have any suggestions for future K-Toons, let me know. Or if there’s an actor or actress you’d like to see in a toon–let me know that too.

Thanks for reading.    b.b. fox

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