The Five Stages of K-Drama Addiction

I publicly admit that I am a K-Drama addict. I have no idea what the cure is. But I do know the five stages. They are as follows. . .


5 thoughts on “The Five Stages of K-Drama Addiction

  1. Do you still need someone to check your toon for grammar/spelling etc? I’ve not got a single creative bone in my body but I can help with that if you want. I’m also helping beta read some stuff for maryxiah’s blog because she is writing MDBC fanfiction 😝

    (For the top toon, “I crave my shows! I will die (not died) without my shows!”) 😊


    1. Rats! (And thank you.) I just published it on DramaFever, error and all. And this is why I need help. I read fast and skim right over mistakes. So “died” is permanently on THAT one. But I’ll fix it on the blog. Thanks.


      1. If you want, you can drop me a message on my blog when you have a new toon then I can check it for you before you publish it on dramafever. Or you can email me with it (I promise I won’t use it or publish it or leak it). Anyway offer is open to you if you want. 😊 Because I may not always have time to look at your blog immediately after you post even though I follow you, because I’ve just started work. (And some days are madness!)


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