Green Gu Virus

Gu Virus Cover 1a

A Korean Drama Toon originally published at DramaFever (before they fired me.)

I drew this manhwa before Six Flying Dragons debuted. At that time Doctor-Lawyer Dramas seemed to be all the rage.  My purpose was to draw an original toon where all the lead characters would play against type. That was my goal. Did I accomplish it? You decide. Now, on the introductions. . .

Gu Green 1Gu Green 2Gu Green 3Gu Green 4Gu Green 5

Now that I’ve introduced everyone, let’s go back in time and begin our story. . .

Gu Green 6Gu Green 7Gu Green 8Gu Green 9Gu Green 10Gu Green 11Gu Green 12Gu Green 13Gu Green 14

Gu Virus Cover 2

Gu Green 15Gu Green 16Gu Green 17Gu Green 18Gu Green 19Gu Green 20Gu Green 21

Gu Virus Cover 3

Gu Green 22Gu Green 23Gu Green 24

I wrote this ^ because when this toon was originally published, some readers were upset that I wasn’t drawing Suzy “attractive” enough. (You can’t please some rabid netizens!)Gu Green 25Gu Green 26Gu Green 27

Hong looks to created a disease. . .and when he does, the first person he calls is Mi-Rae.

Gu Green 28Gu Green 29Gu Green 30Gu Green 31Gu Green 32

Gu Virus Cover 4

Finally we introduce our lead female. (About time!)

Gu Green 33Gu Green 34Gu Green 35Gu Green 36Gu Green 37Gu Green 38Gu Green 39Gu Green 40Gu Green 41Gu Green 42Gu Green 43Gu Green 44

Gu Virus Cover 5

Gu Green 45Gu Green 46Gu Green 48Gu Green 49Gu Green 50Gu Green 51Gu Green 52Gu Green 53Gu Green 54Gu Green 55Gu Green 56Gu Green 57Gu Green 58Gu Green 59Gu Green 60

Gu Virus Cover 6

Gu Green 66Gu Green 67Gu Green 68Gu Green 69Gu Green 70Gu Green 104


The End

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