Every Korean Drama in 10 Episodes

This is a revision of a toon I published at DramaFever on September 11, 2014. (There is a link at the end if you want to view the original toon.)

I am a Korean Drama addict. I admit it. I embrace it.

I love watching Korean Romantic Comedies, Historical Dramas, Action Thrillers, and even soapy Sageuks. But in my years of watching, I have discovered that there are some cliched actions, tropes, that almost every Korean Television Series contains. This is a toon I drew using those cliches. Birth secrets, males masquerading as females, females pretending to be males, back hugs, back carries to the hospital, soul reapers, death, love triangles, etc. I think I included many of the common ones. (I did forget the ever present “wrist grab,” however.)

Cast and Title

1 Every K Drama

Episode One

1a Every K Drama

Episode Two

2 Every K Drama

Episode Three

3 Every K Drama3a Every K Drama

Episode Four

4 Every K Drama4a Every K Drama

Episode Five

5 Every K Drama5a Every K Drama

Episode Six

6 Every K Drama6a Every K Drama

Episode Seven

7 Every K Drama7a Every K Drama

Episode Eight

8 Every K Drama8a Every K Drama

Episode Nine

9 Every K-Drama9a Every K-Drama

Final Episode, Ten

10 Every K-Drama10a Every Korean Drama

Link to Original DramaFever Post

6 thoughts on “Every Korean Drama in 10 Episodes

  1. You forgot the bump to the head causing amnesia, and the bump to the head that fixes it , also you forgot to pair up all the left over characters so everyone gets a happy ending

    Or do you have amnesia causing you to forget.

    Liked by 1 person

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