“Bring It On, Ghost,” My Tooned Alternative Ending

If you read this blog, you know that I love Korean Dramas. I have noticed, however, that sometimes they start better than they end. This was the case with “Bring it On, Ghost,” (or “Let’s Fight, Ghost. I like the “Bring It On” title better.)

The beginning of this drama was SO good. But near the middle, characters started saying lines and making choices that didn’t make sense. I mean, why wouldn’t you warn someone that their professor was trying to kill them? What good reason could you possibly have? As I contemplated possibilities, the only thing that made sense to me, is that a character who did this could NOT have a good reason, only a bad one.

So before I even watched the final two episodes, I invented and drew the only ending I could think of that made sense, based on past episodes.

I published it, but there were errors (thanks blnmom for the heads up.)

And so here, is the improved alternate ending for “Bring It On, Ghost.”
I hope you enjoy it.

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Thanks for reading my revised drama. If you have any K-Dramas you’d like to see an alternate ending to, reply in the comments. Thanks. bbfox

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